vendredi 1 janvier 2010

Home sweet home.

first snap in Hong Kong, causeway bay.

Well I'm back home, and that is good : D

First of all, I hope that you spent a happy new year eve.
And I wish good things for all of you.

I need some time to edit photos,
clean the fridge because-I-am-silly
(I turned the electricity off, at this moment I forget the fact that the
fridge works with it v_v )

I will quickly post the summary of my trip,
that will set two or three days at most.

I think I'll post all non edited photos on tumblr,
will be a big dump these following days.
and I'll work on the rest and publish them here.

PS : I have a fromspring here, if you want to
stalk me XD

1 commentaire:

Charmy a dit…

Coucou Ruky ^^
J'espère que ça a été chouette de revoir toute ta famille et que ça ne te fait pas trop bizarre de te retrouver à la maison ^^

Bonne année à toi ! Qu'elle soit pleine de choses artistiques ^^