mardi 5 janvier 2010

Hong Kong, I'm gonna eat you!

in the plane
Flight to HongKong, I spent nearly twelve hours in this plane and I hardly slept D:
but I was near the Windows, and that was just great ♥ ♥
Love looking through the windows when I'm on board : D


causeway bay

The first you see when you arrive in Hong Kong is these impressive buildings.
Most of them have at least nearly 40 floors (I live in France, so I'm not used
to see very high buildings XD)

So the streets are quite dark during the day, and there is more light at night see ...

it's my mum on the right hand side :D
causeway bay again


unusual thing in West,
in HK people use bamboo stick for the scaffold : D



Cute, but freaky juice packagings >3<

that's all for today,
next will come soon ♥

6 commentaires:

Lilith a dit…

C'est nice (l)

Moi aussi je veux aller à HK !

Rukya Morfey a dit…

haha, si tu peux payer ton billet ça pourrait s'arranger.

Basil a dit…

Les petites oranges et litchis qui sourient ♥

Rukya Morfey a dit…

je savais que ça te plairait : D

Basil a dit…

Avec leurs petits yeux, ils sont so kawai desu ne !

Wends a dit…

i miss it soo much!
hehe funny we got he same ring


have fun!