dimanche 13 juin 2010

In the dark , We come out and play

nave of the Grand Palais
look like a galaxy pict, it was so whimsical.

A month ago, it was the night of museum,
with Basil we went to "le Musee de la Vie Romantique"
there was an exhibition about Chopin : D

sadly, there was a huge crowd
so I took just few horrid snaps haha

le Musee de laVie Romantique

then, we run to see Turner, at the Grand Palais (where camera were forbidden)
and, went under the nave,
there were many bubble machine

pretty effect with the light spot

nearly surreal

We finished with le Musee de la Chasse

I wanted to have some stupid pict with "James the deer" but my
camera didn't like the low light, plus, people were starring me as a
totally mad girl...

these weird stuff are too cool : D, I want sommeting like that in my
future home

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Song of the day : Vanished- Crystal Castles

2 commentaires:

Basil a dit…

idk, my BFF James :D
(j'ai prit les mêmes photos en fait)

Rukya Morfey a dit…

ah ouais XD,
en meme temps je suis sure que tous les gens ont pris la meme chose, surtout dans la nef genre.