vendredi 2 juillet 2010

Lily of the valley

This is Chenonceau,
It's an awesome castle wich passing over the Loire
and this is where I want to live : D

awful tourist pict hahaha

There is one of the prettiest garden I've ever seen

the colors match so perfectly

yay labyrinth!

(hey pretty flowers, do you want to be my friends?)

This, ... oh this....
the wall color, all these frameworks with awesome drawings and photos,
these pots of good smelling lilies...
my library will probably look like that ♥♥♥

-I'm in Japan Expo this W-E,
the heat is just killing me, but if you want to say hellow or something
I'll be glad to have a talk with you : D

-I was supposed to know the result of my exams today, but obviously
It will be posted on the 10th.

Song of the day : Two Hearts - Kylie Minogue

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Basil a dit…

Wallpaper, wallpaper, gni.