samedi 16 octobre 2010

It's easy when you know how it's done

as I told you I have sooo much homework it's insane...
mainly gouache, which is time-consuming ;_;
I spent nearly 7h on my latest gouache > <

diamond, 3 different technique

saphir, 3 different technique

diamond, saphir, ruby, emerald D:

stylized rows of diamond

BTW, I get better now, I'm not sick anymore yay :)
Next w-e I'm on holiday :)
I have a lot of my schoolwork to show you, I'll post the following days :)

Song of the day : Bullets - TUNNG

4 commentaires:

Moemai a dit…

*____* c'est incroyable....j'en ai des etoiles plein les yeux, woaw!!

Kima a dit…

Mes yeux de profane trouvent ça super classe !

Cornélia a dit…

Quel travail de précision, c'est fou... Chapeau !

Rukya Morfey a dit…

hu merci v_v