vendredi 29 avril 2011

Twirling round

yellow gold, saphires, diamond paving, lapis, cristal

gouache, I had to paint this in three hour :3
I just noticed the mistake I made concerning
the light on the base of the bottle =_=
and my cristal is not very glorious...

I know that you can't really realize that
I have to use awfully tiny brushes,
particularly concerning the size of the gouaché
this one was made on an A6, and something like 10/5cm

I wanted to ask you somethings:
-What do you think when it comes to replying to comments? Do you prefer to get a reply on your own blog or on the original post?
-Do you think that there can be some improvement on my blog, and if yes how? Because its seems that I always do the same things, particularly always talking about my schoolworl...

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