jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Do it yourself

Last days I finished sewing this dress,
it end up pretty well to me :D

It's just two piece of fabrics sew together
(you just need a shirt to draw the pattern)
then I sewn a bias and added a ribbon
Ask me if you're interested in the pattern :3

I need to improve my sewing skill so I could
sew a blouse (I don't know how to draw sleeves for now)

Btw, I saw Harry Potter
I cried a lot ... I'm such a sissy sometimes XD

I read and draw a bit
the pleasure I get from drawing comes back slowly
as being free of boring schoolwork
(well not exactly but I decided I'll do them in the hurry haha)

2 commentaires:

Sandra a dit…

what a lovely dress! You must be very good at sewing.

Rukya Morfey a dit…

well, not really.
but I'm not bad with volume & space stuff so it helps a lot :3