vendredi 16 mars 2012

he will cut your head off


I went to the museum of ceramics, in Rouen.
It worth a trip if you've nothing better to do, and its pretty cheap
(free for under 26) like 2€

There's some interesting works from different artists,
and load of ugly ceramics (but I saw few real beauty too) XD

There is also a room whose walls are covered with wood panels from the abbay of St. Amand
I must admit I appreciate the effect, and mostly the gold tone everywhere.
(people doesn't seem into gold, they told me a wall painted in gold will be awful ;_;
well, exept my mum who thought it could be funny but I suppose it doensn't count as it's probably her fault if I like sparkling things)

I thought that pretty stuff was some cactus, but no it's just glass

GOLD painted wood panel


really impressive work by Carole Chebron "Des têtes"

perfect color combination

bonus pic: belette at the museum

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Anne-Perrine a dit…

Cute Belette <3 !