mardi 1 mai 2012

cherry on the cake


I'm supposed to work on my diploma project,
but as all I do is pure shit, so I take care of my blog.

so, you know that I'm not really into baking stuff(belette does it for me :D )
but I'm a real sucker for sugary food,and this my friend, oh this is not far from heaven.

Just to say, I'm effinly happy that  marks & spencer
-re opened a store in Paris,
-sell real british food, and not the "british for french"
-still make the yummiest factory food
-keep the price as usual = cheap food for the win
-got the best pakaging ever (it's very difficult for me to throw them away)

ok next post will be about schoolwork (hope I'll do before june XD)



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M.A.D. a dit…

I'm totally in love with your plate... <3 !!