mardi 3 juillet 2012



Well, this is what I've been working on all this year for my diploma, the printed version is A3

click the pics for larger ones (especially the french if you want to read my crazy thoughts)
If you have any question, ask me, I'll be more than glad to explain :D
And I'll be really pleased to hear what you think about my work.

I chose to work on mirror : evolution of the relationship between humans and the mirror
which was pretty stupid as there is not "pattern" but ideas that could be used in jewellery ... And you can imagine, I had hard time to figure out what to do, because every design is supposed to be workable and still match the concept developed around the problem.

Also, I tried to avoid easiness, which explain that there's almost no miror in my design, 
and didn't work on vanity. 

First part : the intimate relationship between Mens and mirror
I tried to design more intimate jewel that can be wear everyday and are quite 
meaningfull to the owner like a lucky charm

the main idea was to show various personnality a human can hold, and how you deal with your appearance 
(which can be a pretty big issue)

here is how people perceive you through your work 
and, the fact to choose what you like in you, and highlight it.

the following soon :D

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Anne-Perrine a dit…

Pour le coup, moi je suis complètement fan du travail sur l'identité génétique... ça pourrait faire des parures assez magiques !