dimanche 15 juillet 2012

MIRROR part IV, final.

Final part of my project : the one I chose to produce

A double ring, symbolizing the pressure of society, self, 
and especially freedom of choice, being who you want.
Also a link to other, as a toy and topic of conversation. 
In this way my final project is linked to contemporary jewellery.
( well I have way more explanations but these are the most relevant)

During my oral, thay asked me how do I see my jewel. 
I told them about the contemporary side, the fact that it's not an all day jewel,
more like a sculpture. I totally forgot to broach the idea that it's a social jewel,
an easy way to talk to people. I suppose my mind get all messed this day v_v

click for larger pic ;)

12projet2rvb 13projet3rvb 14projet4rvb 15projet5rvb
bonus pic :D

By the way, I was supposed to save some money this summer
but with all these adventures waiting for me, I couldn't resist.
(for exemple I went to the zoo, it was totally exiting :D )

So, wait for some post these holidays :)

2 commentaires:

linciel a dit…

Je suis très impressionné par la réalisation finale. C'est vraiment un très bel objet. Et j'ai lu tout le dossier. Il est clair et agréable à lire.

J'aime beaucoup l'idée avec l'identité génétique.

Enfin voilà, bravo pour tout ce travail :)

Rukya Morfey a dit…

ah merci beaucoup :D