mercredi 12 septembre 2012

heatwave in the south


In Arles for the second time this summer with Garance
Well, I was a bit disappointed ; we had to pay more for some exibitions
despite that we had already paid a 28€ ticket D: (poor student are poor XD)

The theme was a not very exiting, it was about Arles' photography school.
Well, there was still pretty things, it's just compared to the last time I didn't enjoy it as much.

Just my favourites stuff there , but I plan to spam tumblr if you want to see more :D

Anaglyph and the glasses needed.
funniest effect, the picture seems to move when you move



The best discovery,  Gégoire Alexandre a fashion photographer.
How could I not fall for someone who photographs unicorn XD
he is now next to Tim Walker in my heart ~


Striking nudes, and stupid me have not the name of the photographer D:

Sophie Calle reading her mother's diary

The last day we visited l'eglise des celestins for Sophie Calle
exhibition about the loss of her mother.
I knew her for the crazy things she did, but she is more than that.
Her artistic approach is complete and meaningful.
I think her books are probably a better introdution than the exhibitions
as they are more detailed and explanations clarify actions.

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