mercredi 13 mars 2013

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow


Wait, a second post the same month?
yeah, I know, i'm probably the worst blogger on earth XD

Btw, despite the snow, the cherry tree is covered in bud.
I picked a branch last night, and found it blossoming this morning
I didn't think it would go this fast as it was covered with frost.
Oh, and Arizona glass bottles are the best vases :D

Also, I bought pretty earrings, I love how they sparkle
I wear them on the same ear, they jingle at every move

H&M earring

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Anonyme a dit…

C'est si *joli* *___*

Et je savais pas qu'elles étaient en verre les bouteilles d'arizona ! Moi aussi je vais en acheter rien que pour faire des vases ! Je ne sais même pas si c'est bon hahaha