mercredi 28 août 2013

stawberry picking


The summer was unexpectedly hot, and we had the sweetest strawberry I ever ate.

to sum up :

-I spent a month working (like being paid) for Chaumet (BIG ACHIEVEMENT)
that make me feel so secure about the way I chose for my career.
I still am a bit worried being without job post diploma, but I can see that
working in this field makes me happy.

-Belette left me, and it proves me that I have the best friends ever.

-I miss dancing rock n roll, and I have to wait two weeks until it
starts over D:

-I have several post in preparation, I'll try to get a rythm like
a post every two week, not sure I can do it XD
see you ~

Song of the day : Come Back to Me - Hollysiz

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