dimanche 12 janvier 2014


Two years ago now (time flies)
I visited Prague with Coline

It was awesome, and I couldn't stop saying
how beautiful everything was.
So a very seleted bunch of pictures,
more on my tumblr if you're curious

some tips :
Going    = we took the bus, which is not comfortable at all
                 if possible, take a duvet with you, and better if
                 you have a companion to chat with. Be careful on
                 the arrival time, we stuck at 5am at the bus station
                 freezing (but we had Prague for ourselves this morning :) )

Sleeping = we stayed at the Valentina boat, on the Vatla, which
                  which was pretty perfect. Near the downtown, 30mn
                  from the further tourist part, most of time. Try to ask
                  for a room with view on the castle.

Eating    = we ate a lot at breakfast, so we coulg skip the lunch and have
                  snack at 3-4pm. The food is pretty cheap there, by far the best
                  restaurant we tried was : Lokal, Dlouhà 731/33, Praha 1
                  tel : 222 316 265

Visiting = we had two guides : cartoville and guide du routard.
                  For a short trip and not so much time to get ready cartoville is
                  a better option. My favourite place is Vysehrad, there is an
                  awesome church and the prettiest cemetery where famous czech
                  are buried (Muccha love), a bit far, almost one hour walk from our hotel.

                  The touristics part are often crowded, be brave, and wake up early.
                  We went there in october, it's was snowing and we weren't prepared,
                  take a good coat and and extra jumper, just in case.
                  Good shoes are a must!

If you have any interrogation, I'll be glad to answer ;)
now the pics!

prague Almost empty streets at 7am a Sunday,  well it was also the national day. 

prague View from the room, YES SIR! 

prague taking some height, quiet walk and pretty view. 

prague The chuch is totally painted! Florals, angels and religious stuffs. 

prague We were lucky enough to see a group going out of the crypt, 
and the guide kindly allowed us to have a quick sight!

bonus pic one : awfully cute gif photo celinelai_1.gif 

bonus pic two : the squirrel we ran after for almort two hours at Vysehrad (poor squirrel) prague

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