samedi 17 mai 2014

Night Sky Shoes

My newest shoes, they look like a starry night and are loud.
I like them. I found them at a clearance, it was the last pair :)

Emma's mom got me this peony plant, I try to not kill it.
It had blossomed two weeks ago, I forgot to take a pic.
It was a pretty small flower as it was his first blossoming year,
can't wait for next year.

My student life is almost done, a month and a half till the end.
I really hope I'll quickly find a job, (so Emma and I could rent a flat together :3)
I'm scared I won't find  D : , but I know I have anxiety problem.
I wait for summer holiday so I could do personal stuff, and perhaps travel a bit.

Still have tons of things to show, but so much lazyness. 


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